Our experienced credentialing specialists utilize a state-of-the-art credentialing software and database, increasing efficiency and minimizing costly mistakes. Our comprehensive credentialing program provides the following services:


  • Complete and submit insurance applications
  • Respond to additional requests from insurance
  • Follow through until provider is granted approval
  • Track next re-credentialing date
  • Submit LOIs as needed on a per case basis


  • Complete and submit re-credentialing applications
  • Follow through completion of re-credentialing application and obtain new expiration date


  • Set up initial CAQH online credentialing application
  • Provide quarterly maintenance and attestation

Government Credentialing Applications

  • Process initial provider Medicare and Medicaid applications and re-assignments
  • Process initial group Medical and Medicaid application
  • Track and process group and individual revalidations


  • Initial NPI setup
  • Update NPI information for billing purposes

Hospital and Surgery Center Applications

  • Submit initial hospital and/or surgery center applications
  • Re-appointment tracking

Hospital and Surgery Center Re-appointments

  • Complete reappointment applications and re-appointment tracking

Licensure Renewals

  • Process medical, DEA and pharmacy license renewal
  • Track CME for board compliance
  • Track expirables

Initial Licensing

  • Assist with medical, DEA and pharmacy licensure as requested

Liability Insurance

  • Complete and submit liability insurance applications


  • Track ABOG expiration dates

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